DataGravity is an emerging startup being led by one of the founders of EqualLogic, Paula Long. Paula, along with John Joseph, her co-founder and former VP of Marketing and Product Management at EqualLogic, are out to change the status quo, again. EqualLogic changed the dynamics of how storage was managed, scaled and sold. With unique automation technology, the IT Generalist could become an A+ Storage Administrator.  The company's success was evident as it was later acquired by Dell in 2008, for $1.4B.

"Turning Data into Information" is DataGravity's mission. Businesses need to react faster and understand the value of critical information that is contained in the massive amounts of data they generate and store each day. The ability to gain valuable insights in a timely manner is the new business challenge and many advances in Big Data applications and Business Intelligence are evolving to provide solutions.  The DataGravity team is working hard to create the next generation of information technology. We are throwing out the status quo and working from a virtually clean sheet of paper. The result of our team's hard work and dedication will change the way people think about and manage their data while supporting a new wave in the consumerization of IT by giving end users the power to harness the richness of the data around them.

We are staying quiet about the full details of our solution for now. We have full confidence and a strong track record in our ability to build a great company where people are constantly inspired to achieve.