Our Entrepreneurs

Everyday ideas come at us like Frisbees on the college quad. But what really delights us is meeting the visionaries with the drive, passion, and execution to make ideas the stuff of business legend. Our best days come when one of us witnesses the spark of invention, and we’re offered the opportunity to help an entrepreneur transform an industry. We consider ourselves lucky to support the leaders below.

Entrepreneurs We Support

Jessica Alba Photograph
Co-Founder & President, The Honest Company
Jeremy Allaire Photograph
Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Circle
JJ Allaire Photograph
Founder & CEO, RStudio
Stuart Archer Photography
CEO, Oceans Healthcare
Nav Athwal Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, RealtyShares
Omar Balkissoon Photography
CEO & Co-Founder, OGSystems
Sid Banerjee Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Clarabridge
Allison Beal Photograph
Co-Founder, President, & Chief Saint, StyleSaint
Brent Bellm Photograph
CEO, Bigcommerce
Amir Ben-Efraim Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Menlo Security
Assaf Biderman Photograph
CEO & Founder, Superpedestrian
Mary Biggins Photography
Co-Founder, ClassPass
Sam Blackman Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Elemental Technologies
Nathan Blecharczyk Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, Airbnb
Neil Blumenthal Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Warby Parker
Michał Borkowski Photograph
CEO, Brainly
Reggie Bradford Photograph
SVP, Product Development, Oracle
Bill Brady Photograph
CEO, Mascoma
John Bragg Photograph
CTO & Co-Founder, Cozy
Dick Burke Photograph
President & CEO, VISANOW
Jay Caplan Photograph
Co-Founder & President, Fractyl Laboratories
David Celermajer Photograph
Founder, DC Devices
Sam Chaudhary Photograph
Sam Chaudhary, CEO & Co-Founder, ClassDojo
Siqi Chen Silhouette Image
Co-Founder & CEO, Hey
Brian Chesky Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Airbnb
Anil Chitkara Photograph
Co-Founder and President, Evolv Technology
Gee Chuang Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Listia
Alex Chung Photograph
Founder & CEO, Giphy
John Collison Photograph
Co-Founder, Stripe
Patrick Collison Photograph
Co-Founder, Stripe
Jordan Cooper Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Wildcard
Scott Crouch Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Mark43
Bo Daly Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Super Evil Megacorp
Bill Day Photograph
CEO, Tremor Video (NYSE: TRMR)
Michelle Dipp Silhouette
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, OvaScience
Liam Don Photograph
Liam Don, CTO & Co-Founder, ClassDojo
John Donham Photograph
CEO, TuneIn
Umang Dua Photograph
Co-Founder, Handy
Andre Durand Photograph
Founder, Chairman & CEO, Ping Identity
Tom Ebling Photograph
President & CEO, Demandware
Joe Einhorn Photograph
Founder & CEO, Fancy
Gadi Elishayov Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Singular
Mike Ellenbogen Photograph
CEO and Co-Founder, Evolv Technology
Paul English Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Blade
George Fazio Photograph
CEO, DC Devices
Andrew Fingerman Photgraph
CEO, PhotoShelter
Jordan Fliegel Photograph
Founder & President, CoachUp
JJ Fliegelman Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, Campus Job
James Fong Photograph
Co-Founder, Listia
Eran Friedman Photograph
CTO & Co-Founder, Singular
Scott Galloway Photograph
Founder & CEO, L2
Chris Gardner Photograph
Co-Founder, Paydiant
Brian Garrett Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, StyleSaint
Ido Gaver Photography
CEO & Founder, LoyalBlocks
Christopher Gavigan Photograph
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, The Honest Company
Joe Gebbia Photograph
Co-Founder & CPO, Airbnb
Rob Gierkink Photograph
Former Chairman, Datalogix
David Gilboa Photograph
Co-Founder, Warby Parker
Bryan Goldberg Photograph
CEO & Founder, Bustle
Garrett Gottlieb Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, PumpUp
Vince Graziani Photograph
CEO, Sand9
Helen Greiner Photograph
Founder & CEO, CyPhy Works
Kedar Gupta Photograph
Founder, ARC Energy
Gautam Gupta Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, NatureBox
Brian Halligan Photograph
Founder & CEO, HubSpot
Oisin Hanrahan Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Handy
Mitchell Harper Photograph
Co-Founder, Bigcommerce
Chris Heim Photograph
CEO, Axium
Hugh Herr Photograph
Founder, iWalk
Steven Hsiao Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, SpoonRocket
Omar Hussain Photograph
President & CEO, Imprivata
Phil Jacobson Photograph
President & Co-Founder, PumpUp
John Joseph Photograph
President & Co-Founder, DataGravity
Victoras Jucikas Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, YPlan
Payal Kadakia Photography
CEO & Co-Founder, ClassPass
Jason Karas PHotograph
CEO, Trover
Tareef Kawaf Photograph
President, RStudio
John Kelley Photograph
CEO, CoachUp
Edward Kim Photograph
CTO & Co-Founder, ZenPayroll
PJ Kirner Photograph
CTO & Founder, Illumio
Eran Kirshenboim Photography
CTO and Co-Founder, LoyalBlocks
Tom Klein Photograph
President & CEO, Sabre Corporation
Donald Korb Photograph
CTO, TearScience
Tomasz Kraus Photograph
CTO, Brainly
Amrith Kumar Photograph
Founder & CTO, Tesora
Susan Kuo Photograph
COO & Co-Founder, Singular
Joshua Kushner Photograph
Co-Founder, Oscar Insurance
Stanley Lapidus
Founder, President & CEO, SynapDx
Kevin Laracey Photograph
Co-Founder, Paydiant
Nick Lazares Photograph
Chairman & CEO, Admirals Bank
Steven Lee Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, Tremor Video (NYSE: TRMR)
Brian Lee Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, The Honest Company
Tomer London Photograph
CPO & Co-Founder, ZenPayroll
Paula Long Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, DataGravity
Marc Lore Photograph
CEO & Founder, Jet
Lee Lynd Photograph
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder, Mascoma
Eddie Machaalani Photograph
Co-Founder, Bigcommerce
Michael Martinez Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, JuiceBox Games
Dan Mayleben Photograph
CFO, Axium
Austin McChord Photograph
Founder & CEO, Datto
Robert Meltzer Photograph
Founder & Board Member, VISANOW
David Mendels Photograph
CEO, Brightcove
Steve Miller Photograph
President & CEO, Highwinds
Jeff Monroe Photograph
CEO, Verne Global
Allen Murabayashi Photograph
Chairman, PhotoShelter
Bobby Murphy Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, Snapchat
Daniel Nadler Photograph
CEO and Co-Founder, Kensho
Sean Neville Photograph
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Circle
Hugh Njemanze Photograph
CEO, ThreatStream
Bill O'Donnell Photograph
CTO & Co-Founder, Blade
Hilmi Ozguc Photograph
Founder & CEO, Swirl
Garrett Pagon Photography
President & Co-Founder, OGSystems
Naimish Patel Photograph
Founder & CEO, Gridco Systems
Doug Petkanics Photograph
Co-Founder & VP of Engineering, Wildcard
Hilmar Petursson
CEO, CCP Games
Harith Rajagopalan Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Fractyl Laboratories
Joshua Reeves Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, ZenPayroll
Markus Rex Photograph
CEO, ownCloud
Matthew Richards Photograph
VP, Products, ownCloud
Bob Rossato Photograph
Co-Founder, ViajaNet
Jeremy Roy Photograph
CTO & Co-Founder, Highfive
Eric Roza Photograph
CEO, Datalogix
Andrew Rubin Photograph
CEO & Founder, Illumio
Ellen Rubin Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, ClearSky Data
Ken Rugg Photograph
Founder & CEO, Tesora
Stephan Schambach Photograph
Founder, Demandware
Paul Schwenk Photograph
COO & Co-Founder, Blade
Rick Schwerdtfeger Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, ARC Energy
Kristian Segerstrale Photograph
COO & Executive Director, Super Evil Megacorp
Dharmesh Shah Photograph
Founder & CTO, HubSpot
Rob Shavell Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Abine
John Sheehan Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Runscope
Jeffrey Sherwin Photography
Founder & CEO, This Technology
Brian Shin Photograph
Founder & CEO, Visible Measures
Eyal Shinar Photograph
CEO & Founder, Fundbox
Lou Shipley Photograph
President and CEO, Black Duck Software
Shan Sinha Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Highfive
Evan Spiegel Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Snapchat
Roman Stanek Photograph
Founder & CEO, GoodData
Raymie Stata Photograph
CEO, Altiscale
Frank Stratton Photograph
Co-Founder & CTO, Runscope
Matt Tara Photograph
CEO, Tucker Blair
Charles Teague Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Lose It!
John W. Thompson Photograph
CEO, Virtual Instruments
Alex Todres Photograph
Co-Founder, ViajaNet
Omer Trajman Photograph
CEO, Rocana
Glen Tullman Photograph
Chairman & CEO, Livongo Health
Vick Viren Vaishnavi Photograph
President & CEO, Yottaa
Lazarus Vekiarides Photograph
Lazarus Vekiarides, CTO & Co-Founder, ClearSky Data
Rytis Vitkauskas Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, YPlan
Chantel Waterbury Photograph
Founder & CEO, Chloe + Isabel
Michael Wayne Photograph
Co-Founder, President & CEO, DECA
Coach Wei Photograph
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Yottaa
Liz Wessel Photograph
Co-Founder & CEO, Campus Job
Tom Wilde Photograph
Ryan Williams Photograph
CEO, Cadre
Gino Zahnd Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, Cozy
Rujul Zaparde Photograph
CEO & Co-Founder, FlightCar