Eddie Machaalani

Eddie Machaalani is the Cp-Founder of Bigcommerce, which he co-founded in 2009. Under Machaalani’s leadership, Bigcommerce has raised more than $125M in venture capital, attracted more than 60,000 merchants around the world and driven more than $4 billion in gross merchandise volume.

Machaalani is passionate about helping small businesses and democratizing ecommerce. His vision for Bigcommerce is to level the commerce playing field so that every merchant around the world can build a compelling brand and scalable business that effectively competes with the largest players in their industry.

Previously, Machaalani founded Interspire, a company which developed and sold a content management system, email marketing platform and knowledge management tool designed for small and medium businesses.

Machaalani is a frequent blogger and contributor to top business press on the topics of growing small businesses, improving SEO and driving online sales. He was recently named a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Central Texas award, as well as a finalist for BRW’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.