Jim Stimmel

Jim Stimmel, Executive Vice-President, has worked on a wide range of energy-related programs and projects over his long tenure in the energy efficiency industry. During his 29-year career he has founded and operated a mechanical contracting company specializing in high performance HVAC systems, geothermal and solar energy; managed hundreds of residential and commercial construction projects; taught hundreds of workshops; provided cutting edge lighting consulting and design; provided strategic management consulting on procurement and acquisitions; and provided support and guidance to numerous government, utility and non-profit energy efficiency and market transformation programs.

Among his most significant achievements, Jim assembled and managed a large team of energy professionals who provided program development, implementation and consulting support to the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR programs. He was directly involved in the development of ENERGY STAR initiatives from their inception in 1991, and over the next 12 years helped develop ENERGY STAR into the most effective national energy efficiency program and the most highly recognized symbol for energy efficiency in the nation. Jim also played a key role in creating the SCORE and CitySmart Programs, and currently leads school district and public officials through Energy Efficiency Master Planning Workshops to help them analyze their energy use, identify improvement opportunities, and implement industry best practices.

Jim holds a B.S. in Environmental Design from North Carolina State University. He is an avid photographer and enjoys travel and live music