Paul English

“General Catalyst is the reason we’re here today. From scratch and from their own offices, GC used its core competencies in travel and new media to help us establish industry partnerships and large customer relationships. And by aiding our recruiting and go-to-market sales and marketing strategies, GC helped us build a new consumer brand that’s now the world’s largest travel search site.”

Paul is the Co-Founder and CTO of KAYAK. He writes mean code mostly in PowerPoint these days, although he still hacks his emacs lisp, and plays with perl/awk (yes, awk is still alive and well!) to help him analyze customer data. Paul's obsessed with customer feedback, and makes every KAYAK employee talk, chat, Twitter, or e-mail with customers every day. (He hates bad customer service so much that he launched the initiative to help consumers fight back against bad systems.) Before KAYAK, he co-founded a few companies you've never heard about. One of these (Boston Light Software ­— a small business e-commerce platform) was sold to Intuit, where Paul became VP technology and led efforts on product strategy and innovation process, and also led tech-recruiting efforts for the company.

Paul is an advisor to FanSnap, Roost, LinkedIn, Partners-In-Health, and Village Health Works.

Before KAYAK, Paul was briefly an EIR at Greylock, a Co-Founder and director of Intermute (an anti-spyware / anti-spam company where his brother Ed was CEO, and which was sold to Trend-Micro). The Founder of the World Xiangqi League (a Pan-Asian online game community), and the Co-Founder and chairman of Mancala, Inc (a "word-of-mouth" community that failed badly), Paul was also SVP Engineering and Product Management at Interleaf, and did contract programming for the U.S. Air Force, operations research programming for Data General, programming for a medical device company, and even some video game development.

He’s an avid Red Sox fan (although a little disillusioned at how much money they are spending to buy their way to the top these days), an anti-TV activist, a fan of all things fast, and an avid reader. (Paul does not like pina coladas but is a fan of rain and midnight.)

Paul is a graduate of UMass Boston, earning a B.A and M.S. in Computer Science.