Victoras Jucikas

Viktoras is the CTO and Co-Founder of YPlan.  Prior to founding YPlan, Viktoras was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs where he was a front desk strategist.  In this position Viktoras solved technical problems for trading desks, implemented pricing models for new products, extended risk systems for exotic products on computer farms, supported existing infrastructure and built systems for security and reliability.  Before Goldman Sachs, Viktoras was the President and then board member of Lithuanian City of London Club.

Viktoras received a MSc in Computational Science from Jacobs University Bremen in Bremen, Germany with a focus on robotics, AI and machine learning.  He also received a BSc in Computer Science from Kauno Technologijos Universitetas in Kaunas, Lithuania where he worked for a startup building an early version of the Kinect and interned in various software shops.