Press for Hunch

eBay purchases Hunch, one of a number of social search startups seeking an exit after failing to gain a lot of traction in the mainstream search market. Hunch, Aardvark, Kosmix and Wowd all played there.

Global ecommerce and online payments leader eBay Inc. (Nasdaq:EBAY) today announced it has acquired the innovative team and technology of Hunch (, an online platform launched in 2009 that delivers customized recommendations to its users based on their individual tastes. Hunch’s patented prediction technology – also known as a “taste graph” – uses signals from around the Web to map members with their predicted affinity for products, services, other people, websites, or just about anything, and customizes recommended topics for them.

Breaking this morning: Ebay will announce the acquisition of New York based startup Hunch, say sources. The price tag will be somewhere around $80 million.

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