Press for Backupify

Backupify, the leading provider of online backup services for cloud application data, today announced the rising number of educational institutions choosing Backupify to protect confidential administration, teacher and student data stored inside Google Apps Education Edition.  According to information released by Google in October 2011, 15 million users at educational organizations worldwide are using Google Apps Education Edition which represented an 80 percent year-over-year increase.

Backupify, the leading provider of online backup services for cloud application data, announced today that the company's Backup for Google Apps product now supports local and cloud-based files stored on Google Drive, the recently released data storage and sync solution for Google Apps users.
The Google Drive backup solution is the most recent addition to Backupify's existing services that already includes secure backup for Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and more.  As enterprise-level organizations continue to store valuable data in the cloud, and leverage the ability to collaborate on internal documents across departments, the importance of deploying a reliable backup solution becomes even more critical. Backupify's support for Google Drive provides users with the assurance that documents shared with others are protected from accidental deletion and other forms of data loss.  For users who move all files to Google Drive, Backupify creates a single backup for both their Google Docs and local files synced with Google Drive.

Backupify, a cloud-based backup service provider, has introduced Snapshot for Salesforce CRM, a limited one-time backup service for data stored within a company's Salesforce CRM account.

Backupify, which started in Louisville, has the tech blogs buzzing with its survey of Google Apps users.
The conventional wisdom is, Google’s applications business is comprised mostly of small companies using the free version of Google Apps.