Our Strategy

We at GC specialize in two broad stages of investment: Early Stage and XIR/Growth. We have ten managing partners and tend to be active participants with our portfolio companies, helping with team building, business development and strategy.  We currently have approximately $3.0 billion of committed capital under management across seven funds.

Our Early Stage practice focuses on investments of a particular kind:

Hatch – incubating and funding ideas created through our partners and ecosystem of entrepreneurs
– funding an idea that is brought to us in its earliest, most fragile stage
Series A
– traditional early stage funding for companies that have proven an initial set of assumptions and attracted a core management team

Our XIR/growth practice seeks out companies that would benefit from our management, business building and financial expertise. We focus on companies with greater than $10M in revenue, generally profitable in the $3M-30M EBITDA range, and exhibiting high growth. We’re open to minority and majority recapitalizations for shareholder liquidity and management buy-outs, though we favor businesses with strong entrepreneurial leaders that expect to stay in place after we complete an investment.