Mission & Values

We Invest in powerful, positive change that endures

for our entrepreneurs, our investors, our people, and society.

Our team is comprised of talented individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. Where else could an author, Academy Award-winning filmmaker, a Fortune 100 CEO, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, experienced operators and founders, and decades-long professional investors not only co-exist, but collaborate and co-create on a daily basis? Diversity breeds creativity and leads to better decisions and outcomes. We believe our quirky diversity is our “eclectic genius.”

Our creative approach to supporting founders and building businesses is born of the diversity of thought and experience among our team. Empathy for active company building is at the center of every interaction. We are player-coaches who are able and willing to go deep into a business, while remaining committed to unconventional thinking. Creativity leads to the less obvious answers and connections, enabling us to bring solutions into the world that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Generosity of Spirit

We are openly generous with our advice, experience, and connections — believing that time and effort invested in ambitious, talented people will always bear fruit over the long term. This is true of our interactions with each other, as well as with those outside of our firm. We are personally invested — beyond the investment.

We are comprehensively engaged and holistically supportive — personally and professionally — inside and outside of the business. Our lifelong relationships with founders are fueled by the genuine empathy, understanding, and knowledge that comes from our shared experiences starting, operating, and investing in businesses. We intentionally place the same emphasis on our relationships with each other, too, The closeness of our team is rooted in mutual respect and admiration.

Changing the world requires insane ambition. We meet the audacity of our founders with our own formidable ambition. We are an “all in” culture. We never do anything half fast, half right or half hearted. We take what we do seriously. We live it, we believe in it and the change it can make in the world.

Mindfulness of impact

While others might “move fast and break things”, we move intentionally and build things. We never lose sight of our responsibility and the opportunity to make a positive difference — for our entrepreneurs, our investors, our people, and society. The product we make on our best day is change. We aim to create companies, products, and services that endure with people we respect and admire.