David Kosslyn

Co-Founder, Angle Technologies

David Kosslyn is the Co-Founder of Angle Technologies. Before founding Angle, David spent four years as a product manager at Google, first on the Google search team and then at YouTube, where he led the Casual Creator and Creator Growth teams and launched the Creator Studio mobile app. David graduated from Harvard, where he founded Hack Harvard, a campus tech incubator. While at Harvard, David also founded StudyBuddy, a student-teacher collaboration app, and Phrazit, a microblogging site.

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Ian Thompson

Co-Founder, Angle Technologies

Ian Thompson is Co-Founder of Angle Technologies. Ian has been developing virtual reality and user-generated content applications for the past six years. Prior to founding Angle, Ian was the first engineer at AltSpaceVR, a technology company creating immersive, social experiences in VR. Previously, Ian built augmented reality applications on mobile devices, enabling real-time graphics to interact with objects captured from a live feed. Ian graduated from Harvard where he founded HSE, a global editing, and admissions consulting company.

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