DJ Sampath

Co-Founder & CEO

Dhananjay Sampath is the Co-Founder & CEO of Armorblox. Prior to Armorblox, he was the VP of Engineering and a founding team member of StackRox, a Sequoia backed startup. Dhananjay was a senior research scientist at Deutsche Telekom labs, where he was responsible for the secure digital transformation of telcos to a cloud-native, software-defined stack.

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Anand Raghavan

Co-Founder & CPO

As Co-Founder & CPO at Armorblox, Anand loves the excitement of working with world-class teams to build and market game-changing products. Prior to Armorblox, Anand launched ThoughtSpot out of stealth mode. Anand was a founding team member and product manager at Blue Jeans Network, where he helped to grow it from four employees to 200+ employees and 2,000+ customers.

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