Neil Hunt


Neil Hunt is the CEO of Curai. He is convinced that to really make an impact, there needs to be a focus on healthcare.  He believes that great healthcare ought to be a human right, and that by tackling the challenge of primary care, it builds relevance for every human on the planet. Neil is previously the CPO of Netflix where he led the team that designs, implements, and optimizes the technology behind Netflix, delivering 100M hours/day of streaming video to almost 70M members in 60 countries around the world. He received his BSc and Ph.D in Computer Science.

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Neal Khosla

Co-Founder & COO

Before starting Curai as co-founder, Neal worked at Google on the Cerebra team in Machine Intelligence to solve the problem of detecting planar surfaces in images from overlapping views related to applications of this problem towards OCR and Facial Recognition. He also separately worked in the Applied Machine Intelligence team which focuses on bringing the power of Google Brain and other Machine Intelligence projects to other teams inside of Google. Neal double majored in Mathematics and Computer Science at Stanford where he also later received his MSc in Computer Science.

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Xavier Amatriain

Co-Founder & CTO

Xavier enjoys working on the cross-roads of data mining, machine learning, software engineering, innovation, and agile methods. He has over 10 years of experience in research, research management & software engineering. He has also authored more than 50 papers in books, journals and international conferences. As a frequent speaker, Xavier’s latest talks include: KDD, Strata, ACM Bay Area Chapter, Machine Learning Summer School UCSC, ACM Recsys 2012 Conference, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and IBM Research. Before Curai, Xavier was the VP of Engineering at Quora and led the Algorithms Engineering at Netflix.

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