Shay Bloch

Co-Founder & CEO,

An entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in Product, Business Development & Growth. Sold his first startup to Microsoft and led his second from garage stage to becoming a leading web platform in 5 countries, with over 20M MOU.  (M&A, 2016)

Shay’s successful monetization track record working with global brands like Universal, Ikea, Pepsi-Co, Toyota, Unilever and more can be attributed to his ability to identify market needs quickly and adapt them. Shay’s keen focus is on keeping up with new ways to empower users.

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Kaushik Pendurthi

Co-Founder & CTO,

Recognized by Business Insider as advertising’s “30 Most Creative Under 30,” Kaushik is a Full‐Stack Engineer/Entrepreneur with experience building world-class products at scale and high functioning engineering teams. Founded Locket: An acclaimed startup (Ranked 1 on Google Play Store & “Top essential app” by Forbes). Locket was acquired by Wish in 2015.

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