Jeremy Jawish

CEO, Shift Technology

Shift Technology’s CEO Jeremy Jawish studied mathematics at the premier French engineering university, Ecole Polytechnique. He first conceived the idea of Shift Technology with his co-founder Eric Sibony, during a joint internship at a global insurer where they were tasked with improving the insurance giant’s fraud detection techniques. Discovering that this area of insurance was ripe for disruption, they dedicated the following months to R&D ultimately becoming experts in the realm of insurance fraud. Soon thereafter in 2014, Jeremy launched Shift’s flagship product, Force™, and has since partnered with over 50 insurers around the world, opened offices in eight countries, and has grown the company to over 100 employees.

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David Durrleman

CTO, Shift Technology

Shift Technology’s CTO David Durrleman received his BS in computer science and mathematics from the prestigious French university, École Normale Supérieure. He later obtained his MS in computer science with honors from the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science. Before starting Shift with his co-founders Jeremy and Eric, David was a Fixed Income Strategist and VP Strategist on the Inflation & Exotic Interest Rates Products at Goldman Sachs in London where he worked on financial modelling, infrastructure development, derivatives pricing, and risk management.

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Eric Sibony

CSO, Shift Technology

Shift Technology’s CSO Eric Sibony was Jeremy’s classmate at Ecole Polytechnique where he earned his degree in engineering and mathematics. He later received his MS from Université Paris VI and his PhD from Telecom ParisTech where he focused on probabilistic modelling on permutations, machine learning algorithms on rankings, and applications to recommender systems. Jeremy and Eric both have technical & mathematics backgrounds and experienced the problem of insurance claims fraud first-hand as analysts within the Fraud Detection department of Paris-based AXA, one of the world’s largest insurance carriers. They realized that there was a real need for industrialization in this field and that an IT solution integrating real business expertise was required. After their internship at AXA, they developed a prototype solution combining their know-how in combating fraud and their newly acquired skills in statistical data processing. Shift was later founded in March 2013.

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