Karthik Rau

Co-Founder & CEO

Karthik is CEO and Co-founder of SignalFx. Previously, he held leadership positions as VP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing at VMware and, most recently, as VP Products and Engineering at Delphix.

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Mark Cranney


Mark is Chief Commercial Officer for SignalFx, leading all go-to-market operations for the company. Prior to joining, he was an operating partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), led WW-field operations for Opsware, and held senior executive positions at Hewlett-Packard. He was also VP President of Americas at other technology companies, including Aster Data Systems (acquired by Teradata) and Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).

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Philip Liu

Co-Founder & Board Director

Philip is Co-Founder and former CTO and Engineer of SignalFx. He now serves on the Board of Directors. When he started SignalFx with Karthik in 2013, they realized that technically the monitoring landscape had not changed dramatically since the analysis his team had done in 2008 at Facebook. Some open source projects had emerged, and some startups had begun to commercialize or mimic them–but largely web and SaaS companies were still struggling with the same challenges they had at Facebook. They concluded that they needed to shift monitoring into a centralized service that could look at patterns across entire populations of systems and applications, instead of focusing on check against individual systems. This organically evolved to become ODS, the metrics-based monitoring system at Facebook that processes trillions of metrics a day and is used by every developer and operations engineer at the company to monitor the production Facebook application. Later on, Philip and Krthik spent two years building SignalFx’s state-of-the-art monitoring platform.

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General Catalyst Team


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