Zach Maurides

CEO & Founder, Teamworks

Zach Maurides is the Founder and CEO of Teamworks, a communications and operations platform utilized by thousands of elite athletic organizations around the world. He launched what would later become Teamworks in 2004 after experiencing first-hand the challenges of communication within athletics as an offensive lineman at Duke University. Today, with Zach’s continued leadership, Teamworks is the fasting-growing SaaS company in athletics.

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Mitch Heath

CGO & Co-Founder, Teamworks

As Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Mitch played an instrumental role in shaping the Teamworks platform from its foundation and orchestrated much of the company’s national and global growth. Today, Mitch focuses heavily on Teamworks’ strategic growth and scale, working hard to bring Teamworks’ solutions to elite athletic organizations around the globe and to ultimately build a better world of sports. Mitch is a graduate of Duke and Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and a proud Durhamite.

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Shaun Powell

Lead Architect & Co-Founder, Teamworks

Prior to co-founding Teamworks, Shaun developed his technical expertise at Netbooth and Allscripts, specializing in system and application development, database design and management, networking, and system administration. As a jack-of-all-trades, Shaun was instrumental in building the Teamworks platform, building products for mobile and web platforms to help sports teams and organizations communicate and operate more effectively. After a few years building Teamworks on nights and weekends, Shaun joined Teamworks as its technical co-founder full-time in 2010. Today, Shaun takes on responsibility as a leader in architectural and product development decision-making. Originally from Las Vegas, Shaun is a UNLV grad and loyal fan.

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