Liz Wessel

Co-Founder & CEO, WayUp

.Originally from New York City, Liz attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she had many part-time jobs and summer internships, and started her first company. After graduating from Penn, she worked at Google in Product Marketing, first in Mountain View on the Partnerships and Brand team, then in India to lead brand initiatives. After Liz moved back from India, she co-founded WayUp with JJ.

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JJ Fliegelman

Co-Founder & CTO, WayUp

Originally from New Jersey, JJ attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he also worked part-time as a tour guide, a TA, and a research assistant (all while teaching himself to code). After graduating from Penn, he spent a year running his own tech and data business while backpacking around the world, then joined McKinsey and Company as a consultant in New York City. JJ later left McKinsey to start WayUp with Liz Wessel.

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