Responsible Innovation

Responsible Innovation is at the heart of our mission, our relationships, and our approach to building businesses. We believe that for companies to endure, they must continue to innovate and align with the long-term interests of society. As investors and company builders, we can no longer engineer solely for growth. We must embrace the right constraints, transparency, and framework to engineer for growth and good, and in doing so, set a new standard for what defines a successful company in the modern era. That is Responsible Innovation.

GC believes we are in a unique position to help the world embrace the promise of digital transformation and do it right with fewer unintended consequences, broader participation, and lasting benefit to people everywhere. To accomplish that, we invite fellow investors, founders, executives, and leaders to work with us to develop responsible innovation standards of leadership based on four pillars:

Environment & sustainability
Openness & diversity
Privacy & safety
Economic opportunity & inclusion

Responsible Innovation is a business initiative, not a philanthropic endeavor. Responsible Innovation standards will help us build a better enterprise for the long term, and we will apply these standards to help drive the decisions that we make with regard to investments and our approach to company creation. To implement this on a practical level, we are reviewing ways in which we can add a layer of societal diligence to our overall due diligence process as we evaluate founders and companies. And, we believe that by investing in companies engineered for growth and good, and, once established, adhering to Responsible Innovation leadership standards, we are best positioned to serve the needs and objectives of our portfolio companies, limited partners, and team, to enhance value for all stakeholders.