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I encountered my first business models while studying economics at Harvard. It was fascinating to analyze why various models succeeded or failed in explaining the real world. I then started my career helping Microsoft implement one of the most disruptive new models in tech history, the shift to SaaS. From there I helped take Xbox into China, which required not only a joint venture but evaluating multiple potential acquisitions and dozens of potential game titles for the platform.

After integrating those experiences with a Wharton MBA, I decided to explore growth equity and took a position with a New York firm focused on sports, entertainment and media. The highlight was working with entrepreneurs and portfolio companies. That experience led to operational roles with an early-stage digital entertainment company and a growth-stage hospitality company, where I developed a deeper relationship with the founders and the board while learning from world-class experts in data science and user acquisition.

When an opportunity arose with General Catalyst, I was immediately drawn to the firm’s commitment to company-building, and to its diverse set of investors, operators and founders. As the son of immigrants growing up in a low-income household, the chance to work with other self-made individuals in a firm committed to diversity is truly exciting.

In my spare time, I enjoy being on a bike or motorcycle, or hopping onto a new gaming platform. I recently supported an independent film by Asian American filmmakers that was shown at Sundance, and, after cancer struck someone close to me, began helping her nonprofit, Links for Lungs, raise money for cancer research.

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