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My first start-up experience came with an internship at a SaaS travel company, while I was still at Dartmouth studying economics and computer science. Although I was officially in a sales role, I quickly got involved in other areas of the business. The experience showed me that your title doesn’t limit your contribution or your opportunities for impact. During my VC internship that followed, I researched hundreds of companies and met with founders to understand their vision and their companies' progression. Those conversations inspired me to pursue a career in investing.

I came to General Catalyst for the opportunity to work with experienced investors – many of whom have been entrepreneurs and operators themselves. The motivation to start or scale a company is fascinating because even proven operators understand that brilliant ideas and technology need much more than money to come to fruition.

As an analyst sourcing investment opportunities among growth-stage companies, I focus on being a good listener and understanding not only the typical business issues and financial metrics but also the human motivations driving founders and leaders. It’s exciting to delve into the depth and variety in the enterprise SaaS space, which is evolving and differentiating in so many ways.

Away from work, I ski, play squash and tennis, travel and read about business and technology. When I was younger, I helped start a non-profit group to teach tennis to children in Lusaka, Zambia, using the sport as a tool to help keep kids in school and out of trouble. Tennis was a source of inspiration and community for me when I was young, and I want to pay that forward. Serving Zambia taught me that a small idea could have a big impact.

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