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Dan Giovacchini

“In my opinion, an entrepreneur is someone who puts everything else aside to build the world they want to live in.”

I first became hooked on the startup world when I won prize money in business plan competitions during my undergraduate years at Brown University. I now feel blessed to work with visionary founders on a daily basis. We live in a remarkable time where incredible revolutions in the technology stack have given us the potential to drastically improve the human condition. At General Catalyst, I am looking to forge relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs who have creatively reimagined a status quo or have even conceived of a new space entirely.

I started my time in investing at Accel Partners in Palo Alto before joining General Catalyst. In my time here I’ve worked closely with the teams at Index (Acquired by Stripe), Elysium, Feedvisor, and Teamworks, among others.  Personally, I try to help founders think about turning products into platforms: What problems are solved for the customer? What additional services do customers use? How can their experience be improved?  I believe that General Catalyst provides founders and entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to help navigate these questions as well as other challenges and demands they face as they develop and scale their businesses.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a big believer in goal setting and fearless dreaming. I was born with moderate-severe hearing loss, but by setting my sights high and embracing my challenges I eventually became captain of the Brown University football team and graduated with a degree in Business Economics. I’ve been fortunate to share publicly my experiences with hearing impairment, sports, and overcoming obstacles in an effort to inspire others with physical disabilities.

While my days of blasting Phil Collins and Eminem in the locker room and tackling running backs are over, my big appetite and love for team competition remains! When I’m not at General Catalyst, you can find me playing early morning pickup basketball, practicing on my guitar, or waterskiing at my family’s New Hampshire summer home on Lake Winnisquam.