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I grew up around entrepreneurs and was fascinated by their stories and visions. With a desire to dive into a center of innovation, I left my hometown in Michigan for NYU, where I studied finance and business, and then launched my career with Greenhill, a global advisory firm. The more time I spent analyzing business models and synthesizing data into strategic recommendations, the more I realized that I wanted to get closer to the action. That led me to private equity, where I was able to work on new investments as well as initiatives for the portfolio companies, engaging both my analytical skills and my commitment to working with mission-driven teams.

My move to the finance and strategy team at GC-backed Stripe was inspired by the company’s mission to increase access to the online economy globally. At Stripe, I helped fundraise, provide financial insight and recommendations to the leadership team, and develop processes to manage the financial performance.

That role eventually led me to General Catalyst, where I can once again balance investing with supporting portfolio companies. GC’s thesis-driven approach naturally yields a portfolio of fascinating, mission-driven companies. For someone who loves to keep learning and growing, every day is an adventure.

Away from the job, I love traveling and staying active, which is why I spent my last vacation trekking in the Andes: new cultures, great outdoors, and of course some amazing food. I also balance that with my love for baking — if you have any favorite recipes, I always welcome new inspiration.

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