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Katherine Boyle

“Great companies and great stories have the same key elements: universal appeal, imperfect protagonists and an important mission that must be achieved. I look for founders who reject the dominant narratives and ideas of our time, and who focus squarely on building a more dynamic future.”

As a reporter for the Washington Post when Jeff Bezos bought the paper, I investigated entrepreneurship in many forms. Every industry I covered, including my own, was being turned on its head by founders with fresh ideas. I finally decided to leave reporting so I, too, could be part of this world and help uncommon founders on their epic missions.

While getting an MBA at Stanford, I worked in venture capital and saw that the founders I was drawn to don’t have perfectly polished narratives. Like heroes in great literature, they’re quirky, daring and driven to build the future. So when I meet with founders, I’m looking for bold and sometimes controversial beliefs that run counter to the common institutional narrative.  

I’m eager to support companies that focus on the transformation of civic institutions through early-stage investments in innovative technology to drive meaningful change in what was once the domain of government departments. Specifically, I focus on investments in the areas of aerospace and defense, education, transportation, infrastructure and public safety. I welcome that extra layer of challenge because it means we’re addressing complex problems. I’m also drawn to antiquated spaces and startups that tackle tired industries in need of an upgrade. Last but not least, I come from a small town, so my door will always be open to innovations that touch everyone, not just people living on the coasts.

Before Stanford, I received a BA at Georgetown and an MA from the National University of Ireland in Galway. I’m a lifelong fan of the arts, particularly classical music. I’m also an avid reader with a yen for history and foreign affairs. If there’s an obscure book that you couldn’t put down, I’d love to hear about it.


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