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Katy Dormer

As a communications major and political science minor in college, I sought out internships in Washington, D.C. That’s where I got some surprising advice: If I wanted to work in politics, I should start my career in business so I could learn the ropes. I took that advice and spent most of two decades working for three well-known brands:, Facebook, and Netflix. Those companies are always evolving and presenting new offerings, so my constant challenge was telling memorable stories that connected what was new with what was consistent over time.

I moved to venture capital with General Catalyst because I love to challenge myself in new arenas where my contribution can make a positive difference – in this case, around building brands. The multidisciplinary nature of the business also excites me, because I truly enjoy learning new technologies and business models and solving problems in a team setting. Not only that, I get to work with both the established brand of General Catalyst while helping develop new brands that can become equally successful.

One of the unforgettable lessons of my career so far is that people are most loyal to products and services when they also feel aligned with the company providing them. It doesn’t matter if you’re David or Goliath: the experience you create around a product is as vital as its features and benefits. So along with everyone at General Catalyst, I’ll be focused on communicating great values along with great value propositions.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, trying new cuisines and photography; they all teach me about the world around me and how I perceive it. I also have a longstanding commitment to helping people who are disadvantaged because service work for good causes, particularly volunteering, keeps everything else in perspective.

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