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Lisa McAuliffe

Lisa McAuliffe was always good with numbers – and with running long distances at speed. Upon winning a full-ride scholarship in track and field at Boston College, Lisa left her native Alberta, Canada and studied accounting. After university she chose one of the Big 4 accounting firms, where she could start her career in tax accounting – one of the most challenging segments in the profession. But Lisa loves to find elegant solutions to complex puzzles, and partnership compliance in the asset management and investment field offers plenty of those.

During her impressive tenure at Bain & Company, she built the partnership services team to more than two dozen, while also modernizing its IT, automating its systems, and increasing transparency for the firm’s fast-growing partnership community. She rose to vice president while mastering increasingly complex laws and compliance procedures across multiple national jurisdictions.

Lisa saw General Catalyst as an extraordinary opportunity to contribute her deep experience and expertise to another highly respected firm with a growing team and expanding ambitions across major geographies and industries. She also felt right at home among a diverse, high-performing team who remain humble and down to earth about their abilities and achievements.

When Lisa runs now, she’s likely chasing one of her three children. She also enjoys community-building in the New England town where her husband grew up, and where they now live. And if she has a really tough puzzle to solve, she’ll take a nice slow walk until the answer arrives.

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