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Megan Maloney
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Megan Maloney

Jumping from a small town to the high-intensity environment of Columbia University in New York, I had to treat my education as a mission: focus my abilities, rise above the competition, and open doors to a bigger future. This was similar to an entrepreneur’s mindset in some ways because I was raised to challenge the status quo. While studying economics and music, I became curious about how we could use capital to empower creative minds. I didn’t want to just study the flow of money. I wanted to fix it.

After college, I joined Morgan Stanley, where I developed a deep passion for technology. I loved working with research analysts to present their strategies to investors because it required fast, accurate synthesis of large amounts of information for a tangible result. Then I moved to the technology investment banking group, where I worked on raising and allocating capital for tech-based companies at critical moments in their evolution. As a result, I can simultaneously understand the motivations of the CEO of a company and its institutional investors – who both want to scale that company 10X.

At GC, I work closely with our portfolio companies including Grammarly, Livongo, and Samsara, and focus on early-stage investing. I believe we are at the beginning of a transformational shift in how technology will impact our lives, and perhaps our health. I am particularly excited to work with founders who have deep domain expertise, for I believe the most creative minds are in a constant state of learning. While I enjoy having long conversations about the ongoing shift in deep tech industries like industrial IOT manufacturing and healthcare, or emerging industries like crypto, I focus even more on the person behind the company and their long term vision. Companies often pivot, but people rarely do.

Outside of work, I spin, watch sports, and volunteer for organizations that improve the lives of others. My lifelong hobby as a musician also continues on multiple instruments. I am always looking for new music to listen to, so please send your discoveries and recommendations my way.

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