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Megan Maloney

“Change is hard to implement. Big ideas about the future run into entrenched interests. I believe in investments that help entrepreneurs with powerful ideas overcome adversity to create a better world.”

Jumping from a small town to the high-intensity environment of Columbia University in New York, I had to treat my education like a mission: focus my abilities, rise above the competition, and open doors to a bigger future. This was similar to an entrepreneur’s mindset in some ways, because I was raised to challenge the status quo. While studying economics, I was asking how we could make capital work more effectively to create the outcomes we all want as a society. I didn’t want to just study issues. I wanted to fix them.

During my time at Morgan Stanley, I developed a deep passion for technology. I loved working with research analysts to present their strategies to investors because it required fast, accurate synthesis of large amounts of information for a tangible result. Then I moved to the technology investment banking group, where I worked on raising and allocating capital for tech-based companies at critical moments in their evolution. As a result, I can simultaneously understand the motivations of the CEO of a company and its institutional investors – who both want to scale that company 10X.

At General Catalyst, I am excited to work with founders whose companies align with my core values, the most important of which is helping others. As the majority of the world gains access to the Internet, I believe we are at an inflection point in how consumers behave, and how businesses can channel that behavior for economic and social impact. If you have an idea about how to magnify or direct these forces, I would love to explore it with you. If others just aren’t getting it, there’s a chance I will.

Outside of work, I hit the streets in my running shoes and volunteer for organizations that improve the lives of others. My lifelong hobby as a musician also continues, on multiple instruments. I am always looking for new music to listen to, so please send your discoveries and recommendations my way.