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Mo Punjwani headed to Boston College for pre-med studies, until he realized that the healthcare system itself was in urgent need of better care. After shifting to dual degrees in economics and finance and studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science, he launched his career at J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley, working in healthcare investment banking and focusing on digital health.

Mo came to General Catalyst to join the firm’s growing team of international healthcare investors where he will work with, invest in, and learn from the best founders in the world who are leading the healthcare industry’s evolution from a “sick care” system to a proactive and resilient Health Assurance system designed to make quality care affordable and accessible.

Mo’s view on healthcare investing is that it requires great compassion for the people delivering care, and recognition that every technology, device, or drug has humanity as its major stakeholder. He believes that healthcare can only be as dynamic and outcomes-focused as its practitioners are equipped to be and is optimistic that innovation can make doctors and other caregivers more effective and accessible.

Mo believes successful founders and investors work with each other, not for each other, and is especially excited to work alongside founders who are building the infrastructure of an equitable system of Health Assurance in service of a healthier society.

Mo is an avid cyclist, sports and comedy enthusiast, and loves international travel. He has been tutoring and teaching since he was in high school, and believes that education will be critical to how healthcare evolves in the generations to come.

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