Nick van Eck

Investment Team

New York
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My father is a third-generation entrepreneur who now runs an asset management company founded by my grandfather. Growing up, I was the only ten-year-old kid I knew who had to read Barron’s to his dad on Saturday mornings. I learned a lot from him, and I found the concept of investing to be fun because the feedback is so direct – even when it is humbling. That’s why I studied economics and history at the University of Virginia and was determined to enter the  investment world right out of college.

I was drawn to General Catalyst because the firm has a native entrepreneurial culture built by veteran founders and successful operators. From Rough Draft Ventures to our growth practice and Catalyst Advisor program, so much of what we do has a broader scope with more variety in the day-to-day than you’d find in much of the private equity world.

My role is to identify companies that are a great fit with our investment criteria and strategy. My approach is to develop a thorough understanding of a company’s business, markets, and opportunities, knowing that great companies can be based anywhere.

Away from the office, I enjoy playing squash, tennis, skiing and hiking.  Additionally, I cherish my sports teams (professional and collegiate), traveling, and reading nonfiction. The Boys’ Club of New York, which provides enriching after school programs to boys and young men, is an organization I’ve supported over the years and have joined as a member of their Young Advocates Council.