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Olivia Lew

“My experience is that if you surround yourself with talented people you respect, admire and care about, other things fall into place – your team can perform to its full potential. That’s what brought me to General Catalyst.”

My curiosity and love of problem-solving developed early in life, in part because my parents are both doctors, and, in part, because I grew up in a bilingual household. I learned to think beyond geographical and cultural borders and took advantage of several opportunities to study abroad. Those experiences helped me realize how much the world needs fresh ideas that can take root and make a difference for people.

When I finished college at Middlebury I went into the non-profit sector, where I quickly became engaged in recruiting and activating passionate entrepreneurs to support environmental causes. I felt that the corporate world could offer an opportunity to make a larger impact, leading me to earn an MBA at Georgetown. From there, I went into public and private sector consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton and then Capgemini, which included opportunities to work in Europe and Asia.

Implementing enterprise transformations while consulting Global 500 companies allowed me to develop valuable experience in collaboration, creative thinking, and change management which I apply to my role at General Catalyst. I enjoy working closely with early-stage founders who believe in their mission so passionately that they aren’t deterred by barriers – they break right through them.

At General Catalyst, I work closely with companies building transformative companies in a range of industries, including: PathAI, Catalant, TrueMotion, Superpedestrian, Elysium, and Corvia. My investment focus includes early-stage companies at the intersection of technology/computation and health care.

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