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Ronda Scott

“It’s not always easy being ahead of the curve, solving for problems that haven’t even occurred to most people. But that’s exactly where you need to be to make culture-shifting ideas a reality. Supporting the founders and their stories of pushing the ‘what’s next’ is why we’re here.”

One of the challenges for any entrepreneur is figuring out how to tell the story behind the idea. Whether that idea is bringing a new consumer product to market, disrupting the tech stack from at the lowest levels or introducing a better way to tackle a medical problem, the right story introduces the idea and instantly changes the conversations around it. My role at General Catalyst is to help GC and our founders craft and communicate stories that do just that.

I started my tech-focused career during the “dot boom” managing the incredibly vibrant communities on The web was still a brand new experience for most. The possibilities it introduced for connecting people to knowledge, information, and to each other felt endless and Excite had some of the most engaged communities online.

In the early 2000s, I joined LucasArts to lead public relations for Star Wars Galaxies, the first-ever MMO—or massively multiplayer online game—set in the Star Wars universe. With Galaxies, we told stories about concepts that were just emerging at the time: immersive gaming culture, virtual economies, and love and death in these persistent worlds where millions of people were interacting every day.

Spending the better part of the ‘00s working with Rhapsody, the foundational music streaming service, and companies like Sonos, I had front row seats to the fundamental ways streaming changed the ways we discovered, valued and enjoyed music. From there, I moved to Evernote to lead content and communications for a team that was doing something similarly impactful, but this time for personal productivity.

At General Catalyst, we invest in such a wide breadth of areas that every day is another opportunity to learn. Our companies are making meaningful contributions in areas from health care and education to business operations and finance. It’s a privilege to play a role in making it all happen.

When I’m home on weekends, I can be found tending to my chickens, veggie garden, and/or my 1972 GMC project truck. I’m originally from Central New York, but the west coast vibe (and, let’s be honest, the weather) has won me over and here’s where I think I’ll stay.