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Spencer Lazar

“The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is not predicting the future, but timing it. My mission is to identify and support founders who have an astounding sense for where we are in history, coupled with the courage and talent to will a vision of existence.”

I’m particularly excited by entrepreneurs who use technology to democratize access to products and services that previously were available only to a few. My investment focus has been on new service delivery models for both consumers and businesses, such as those at Bowery, ClassPass, Fundbox, Giphy, Lemonade, WayUp, and ZAGENO.

The companies that interest me most offer services that leverage network effects driven by a community, a marketplace, or data. When a product can get better with each incremental user, customers win, competition suffers, and outcomes can be massive.

I joined General Catalyst to help open our New York Office and have spent most of my working life in the venture ecosystem – mostly as an investor but also as a venture-backed entrepreneur. I cut my teeth at Insight Venture Partners, where I sourced and managed growth stage investments in 3P Learning (ASX: 3PL), BeyondTrust (acquired by Veritas Capital), and GenArts. Working with Accel Partners in London gave me broad international perspective, and I sourced and worked with companies such as Birchbox, Bonobos, ForgeRock, Hailo, Lyst, Top10, and Qriously. Then it was time to take a bet on myself. Back in New York, I built Spontaneously, an early iOS-based mobile calendar.

I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics. School for me was all about trying to understand how people make decisions: what success looks like and where we go wrong. The timeliness of an opportunity in many ways stems from the strength of an entrepreneur’s understanding of this fundamental human psychology. One of the great joys of this business is getting to partner with students of the past, present, and future.