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Tom Holahan

“An entrepreneur’s passion is contagious – it brings out the best in those around them. It’s the people, not just the technologies, that are changing the world for the better.”

I came to venture investing via an unusual route. My first job out of college was for NBC Sports, which might seem like a natural choice for a four-year college football player. In reality, I was drawn to the job just as much because of my interest in complex systems and how they work. Helping cover the 2014 Olympic Winter Games was an incredible opportunity to do that; I never expected that it would also come with an Emmy award for our team.

My next career step was into private equity at Symmetric Capital, sourcing investment opportunities in later-stage companies where it became obvious that our macroeconomic system can be disrupted almost anywhere due to the powerful technology tools now available. The best entrepreneurs are able to see new places the world can go, and how to get it there simply through the conviction behind their ideas and their energy. I became determined to help these creative, passionate individuals achieve their goals in any way possible.

Before joining General Catalyst, I built strategic partnerships to accelerate product adoption at Datadog, a SaaS infrastructure and application performance monitoring company. Knowing what day-to-day life is like inside a high-growth, venture-backed company will always be one of my assets as an investor.

My primary focus at General Catalyst is identifying stand out later-stage companies that are enabled by software and technology. The opportunity to work with a diverse group of founders and companies is tremendous and something I value, as my own personal background has been shaped by individuals from all walks of life.

I played football at Amherst, while earning a degree in political science. Whenever I can, I get outdoors to play pick-up sports or go hiking or skiing. I’m proud to be active with Cambridge-based Soccer Without Borders, an organization focused on the sport to empower under-served youth. If the weather forces me inside, I’m probably hanging with friends and checking out New England’s amazing craft beer scene.