Zak Kukoff

Investment Team

San Francisco

My first exposure to entrepreneurship was in high school, where I launched an ed-tech startup that I later took to Techstars Boulder. That experience taught me a few important lessons: failure teaches as much as success, the founder’s journey can be lonely, and good investors provide a lot more than money. I brought those learnings to the Dorm Room Fund at NYU, which I helped run as an undergrad. That’s where I learned about General Catalyst’s student founder program, Rough Draft Ventures.

After graduation, I moved to Silicon Valley to work in operations for a high-growth logistics company. This was the opposite of lonely – the company added 500 employees during my year there. I made the transition to venture shortly after to support founders at the earliest stages of realizing their visions. I came to General Catalyst for the opportunity to partner with founders at the early stages of company building.

In my spare time, I’ll pick up a book or indulge my love of adventurous dining. I’m also passionate about education; I founded a non-profit, Autism Ambassadors, that teaches neurotypical students how to support their peers on the autism spectrum. Like venture investing, that work inspires me to keep learning in ways that can help others.