Investing in great founders from Y Combinator

The Overview

Who are we?
True to our name, we see ourselves as catalysts — agents of change — working to transform companies, industries, and the world around us. General Catalyst is a multistage firm that has invested in top YC companies at all stages from Seed Stage, Series A/B, to growth and beyond.

What do we do?
We back ambitious founders; who actively seek to change the status quo by helping to build enduring companies with the potential to create outsized financial & societal impact across every stage and sector, from creation to IPO powered by a diverse global team of world-class investors, operators, and advisors. We invested in Stripe at the seed stage and have participated in all of their subsequent rounds, most recently, their Series I.
Our YC portfolio1 includes:

How It Works

Process & Standard Deal

The Process
We will meet with companies for 30 minutes when founders are ready and communicate a decision within 48 hours of the meeting.

Our Standard Deal
We will invest up to $100k on a YC uncapped MFN SAFE into ~30 of the top YC companies.2


The Offering

1. Access to the entire General Catalyst team as a resource to help with company needs.

2. Self-serve resources like our internal hiring platform, free compensation benchmarking data, & more.

3. Curated community events to gain exposure to the broader General Catalyst network.

4. Opportunity to start building a relationship with our firm for future fundraising rounds.

Important Disclaimers
Access the full portfolio linked here.
230 is an estimate. The total number of companies that will receive investments will vary. There is no guarantee that General Catalyst will invest in any set number of companies.
Y Combinator Management, LLC (YC), is a startup accelerator that is not affiliated with or controlled by General Catalyst.