Investing in powerful, positive change that endures

Our Approach to Company Building

Responsible Innovation

This is our framework for how we think about helping founders build scaled and incredibly successful businesses that also improve the lives and livelihoods of people everywhere.

We believe that the most successful, next-generation companies will increasingly align with new societal values. By embracing responsible innovation at the earliest stages of company building, and by bringing it to the forefront of decision-making at every stage, founders will build truly enduring companies that compound over time.

This is more than an ESG policy or “impact investing,” it is purpose built for the venture ecosystem to catalyze a movement and provide a practical roadmap for the industry to change. The seven principles of Responsible Innovation are:

  • Innovate Intentionally
  • Advance Inclusive Prosperity
  • Respect People & Their Privacy
  • Operate with Accountability & Transparency
  • Build Sustainably
  • Champion Diversity
  • Promote a Healthy Society

To learn more, visit the Responsible Innovation Labs.

Image of Andrew Rubin, Co-Founder & CEO, Illumio
Illumio Logo
“The fact that GC takes the approach of looking for mission-driven companies, it’s an important part of the partnership and the alignment that we have with GC.”
Andrew Rubin
Co-Founder & CEO, Illumio

Our Values

Creativity of Approach

Our creative approach to supporting founders and building businesses is born of the depth of experience among our team alongside an ongoing commitment to unconventional thinking. Creativity leads to the less obvious answers and connections, enabling us to bring solutions into the world that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Generosity of Spirit

We are openly generous with our advice, experience, and connections, believing that time and effort invested in ambitious, talented people will always bear fruit over the long-term. This is true of our interactions with each other, as well as with those outside of our firm.

Depth of Relationship

We are comprehensively engaged and supportive — personally and professionally — inside and outside of the business. Our lifelong relationships with founders are fueled by the genuine empathy that comes from our own experiences building and operating businesses, and by our shared visions of a better world.

Audacity of Ambition

Changing the world requires insane ambition, and we meet the audacity of our founders with our own formidable ambition. We believe in the potential for innovative software and services to create meaningful societal change, so we take what we do seriously; we never do anything half-right or half-hearted. It’s our privilege to play a role in shaping the future for the better.

Mindfulness of Impact

While others might “move fast and break things,” we move intentionally and build things. We never lose sight of our responsibility and the opportunity to make a positive difference — for our entrepreneurs, our investors, our people, and society. The product we make on our best day is change.

Diversity of Thought

Our team is comprised of talented individuals with varied experiences — not just as operators, founders, professional investors and CEOs, but as authors, athletes, parents, musicians, and even an Academy Award-winning filmmaker — all collaborating and co-creating on a daily basis. Different backgrounds beget diverse thinking that leads to better decisions and outcomes.

Our Commitment to Change

Racial Justice & DEI

A key part of our identity and responsible innovation framework is to hold ourselves accountable for doing what we can to combat systemic racism and promote diversity, access, equity, and inclusion within our firm, portfolio companies, and industry. The GC team embraces our responsibility to create a sense of belonging for all races, genders, and backgrounds across our industry, and to create greater access to capital.

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