Partnering with founders at every stage

from seed to growth and beyond

With venture and operational excellence at our core, we take a long view to investing. Having lived through it ourselves, we understand that inflection points are a natural part of a company’s growth and that the best companies are built over time. Our investment goes beyond capital to active company building at every stage. We provide a steady hand along the journey, including through the inevitable bumps on the way.

Backing audacious founders and sharing in their creative vision for what the world can be both motivates and inspires us. We are player coaches who understand how to get companies off the ground from the earliest of stages and scale them into enduring companies.

Seed-stage companies We back first-time and experienced founders, as well as nascent teams, at the ideation phase of enterprise and consumer solutions with Seed stage investments from $500K to $2M.

Early-stage business (<$10M in revenue) Through our early-stage practice, we support companies at the Series A and Series B stages that are focused on new themes and industries ripe for change through innovation and digital transformation.

Hatch and Executives-in-Residence (XIR) Programs

Through our hatch and Executives-in-Residence (XIR) programs, we collaborate with world-class executives to create a new business or identify an existing growth-stage business to transform with them. Through these partnerships and active company building, we can accelerate the trajectory and improve the eventual outcome of a business.

Growth-stage ($10M – 100M in revenue) Through our growth-stage practice, we partner with founders whose businesses are at an inflection point and show strong potential for meaningful scale. We work with founders and management teams of later-stage companies to enhance and accelerate growth, manage through scaling their organizations, and to reach their companies’ full potential.

Endurance ($100M+ in revenue) As a continuation of our venture expertise, through our endurance practice, we partner with once-in-a-generation companies. These companies have transformed industries and continue to demonstrate the ability to move beyond a first act to second or third iterations of their growth potential. We provide these founders the opportunity to keep their companies private longer, helping them take measured risks to continue their growth trajectory, maintain the agility of a startup while operating with the discipline of a public company, all while preparing for the future.

We fundamentally believe that meeting the evolving needs of founders and their businesses from seed to growth stage and beyond is critical and will generate the best results for our founders and the limited partners who entrust us to invest on their behalf.