Active company- and category-building at every stage

From seed to growth and beyond

We work with companies through their entire lifecycle—from the earliest stages through growth and beyond. Our team has expertise in all phases of company building and can add real value at every inflection point. No matter where they are in their journey, we always aspire to be a founder’s first call—connecting them to the relationships that matter most.
Stage Funds

Through the Creation strategy, we work with entrepreneurs and industry leaders (a growing team of Catalyst Advisors) to create new companies and identify existing growth-stage ones to support and scale. Through these partnerships, we’re not only accelerating the trajectory of select companies, but we’re also working to positively shape the industries they’re in.

We know what it takes to get companies off the ground (we’ve been there ourselves). The Ignition strategy allows us to lean into our early investing roots, helping founders turn ideas into businesses and supporting emerging companies from the beginning stages.

Seed Stage
We back first-time and experienced founders, as well as nascent teams, with Seed Stage investments typically range from $500K to $2M.
Early Stage
Our Early Stage practice supports companies at the Series A and Series B stages who are focused on new themes and industries ripe for change.
Meet The Fund Lead
Adam Valkin

Through the Endurance strategy, we partner with companies that have experienced early success, working with founders and management teams to enhance their growth trajectory and reach their companies’ full potential.

Growth Stage $10M-100M in revenue
Our Growth Stage practice is focused on accelerating growth in companies that show strong potential for meaningful scale.
Later Stage <$100M in revenue
We help Later Stage companies maintain the agility of a startup while operating with the discipline of a public company, all while preparing for the future.
Meet The Fund Leads
Deep Nishar
Specialty Fund

The Health Assurance strategy allows us to create, invest in, and partner with companies aligned with our vision for a more affordable, equitable system of care.

Our Customer Value strategy allows operating companies to raise new funds to support their continued growth.

Diverse domain expertise

We hold strong convictions about how the world is changing… or how it needs to change… and what opportunities are for technology and innovation. Importantly, we don’t just invest in these sectors, we seek to actively transform them—cultivating strong relationships and partnerships to unlock unique opportunities for our companies.