Connecting People Worldwide
December 10, 2020
min read

Every investor hopes for the opportunity to back founders who will eventually transform an entire industry. With Brian, Nate, and Joe at Airbnb, we got exactly that. GC was privileged to be an early investor in this team and their dream.

It’s been incredible to watch this team and company stretch, grow, and mature over the past decade. The leadership team has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability as the market evolved with them. Never have these traits been more obvious — or more tested — than over the past year as a global pandemic turned the travel industry and our lives upside down.

Airbnb has built a marketplace that’s transformed the way we think about and experience travel across the world. It’s connected cultures while giving consumers nearly endless choices in where they stay and how they experience and explore new locales. As significant as the company’s growth has been, it’s the team’s thoughtful approach to its impact on communities, its customers, and its employees that continues to impress.

Brian, Nate, Joe and the entire crew at Airbnb have set the standards for creativity, integrity, and true entrepreneurial spirit in the tech and travel industries. We’re proud to know them and to have played a part in their journey. As always, we believe the best is yet to come.

— Joel Cutler and Team GC