Changing Hearts, Minds, and Policy

Our Investment in Healing Humanity Productions
June 30, 2023
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GC's Creation Team
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If we are to fully realize our ambition of transforming industries and society, we need to look beyond the left brain bias of our industry and add new capabilities to tell persuasive and compelling stories–that change hearts, minds and policies.   

True to our name, we think of ourselves as catalysts–agents of change–focused on accelerating the transformation of companies, industries and societies. Often that change is achieved through technology, engineering and partnerships – bringing new and innovative companies and platforms to market and working with partners to accelerate uptake. But, increasingly, the kind of scaled transformation we envision requires something more:  powerful storytelling that defines the human and societal consequences of that change and emotionally compels people to become a part of it.

Over the last decade, we have borne witness to a seismic shift in the media landscape. Social media - with its accessibility and immediacy - shattered long-standing barriers to expression and creativity.  Meanwhile, this accessibility has been countered by the rise in streaming platforms and their amassed power over the distribution of traditional film & TV. These platforms have enriched our lives with engaging storytelling, though they’ve also contributed to a changing power dynamic away from the creative voice. The transformation precipitates a chasm between creatives, media platforms, policymakers, and audiences. Creatives often find themselves at the mercy of algorithms; distribution platforms are enmeshed in a race for content exclusivity, often overlooking diverse and emergent talent; and audiences & policymakers so often do not hear or see the stories requiring action from them. 

In this emerging dynamic, we see an opportunity arise. Today Healing Humanity Productions – a GC creation company – is emerging out of stealth mode after nearly a year of development. HHP is a new media platform focused on developing societally impactful content through the combined influence of philanthropy, technology, and policy.  

With a sustainable production model backed by innovative educational initiatives and branded content revenue, HHP is committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling across branded, scripted, educational, and documentary content. 

HHP strives to realize the vision of creatives, writers, filmmakers around the world and innovate on a new model of collaboration between the storyteller, the audience, and distribution powerhouses. There are many in the production and content creation community who see technology, especially AI,  as an existential threat to their business.  HHP believes the opposite to be true: that by engaging and equipping the very best storytellers in the world with the right technologies and platforms, they can unleash a renaissance of creativity, and bring creative storytelling to bear in profound and important ways. 

A pillar of HHP’s mission is to connect the story to the action. To do so, HHP engages with stakeholders outside of the traditional frameworks - operators, lawyers, educators and policymakers. By marrying technology, policy, and creativity, HHP hopes not just to shape the future of storytelling, but to create a world where stories shape the future.

HHP co-founder and President Sonia Rockwell and CEO Crista Flanagan bring a wealth of experience and connectivity in the creative and production communities. Sonia is an accomplished actress with a career spanning over two decades. She has established a reputation for her performances in film and prominent television shows such as "Scandal”, “Pam & Tommy”, “Being Mary Jane” and “How I Met Your Mother."  Crista’s boasts over 20 years of credits across acting, writing, directing, and producing.   She has contributed to 140 episodes of television and a dozen films, and also appeared on three seasons of "Mad Men," for which she won two SAG Awards for Best Ensemble for a Drama Series.  The team is scheduled to debut their first documentary film, Understanding Autism, this fall.  HHP will also be looking at M&A as part of its scaling strategy.

We are excited to see HHP focus on the transformation stories that we believe matter most:  health assurance, financial inclusion, the advent of AI, and inclusive capitalism.  We think that by telling these stories in a compelling and captivating way, we will unlock an untapped but essential part of our theory of change:  the power of storytelling.