Deep Nishar’s Lessons From Building Products at Google and LinkedIn

October 17, 2022
min read

Deep Nishar (@deepnishar), Managing Director at General Catalyst and formerly of LinkedIn and Google, joins Anne Dwane on this episode.


  1. The best product hires have the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.
  2. When you’re interviewing people for product roles at startups, don’t ask people what they would do but rather what they have done in the past. You want people who have a sense of adventure and can work without a lot of structure.
  3. The first fifty hires at a company completely define the company culture.
  4. Tech debt is a fact of life. Don’t worry about it until you get to MVP.
  5. When you’re a founder, consider whether you want a poet or a librarian as a product leader. A poet will take on product strategy as well as execution, while a librarian will take product direction from you and implement it.
  6. Truly world-class product leaders can build not just a product, but a product operating system — the product that builds more products.

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