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April 2, 2023
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As agents of change, not surprisingly, we have a lot to say on the next technology sea change—AI. From our call for responsible innovation guardrails, to articulating the four most important developments driving this most recent AI “summer,” to describing what innovations we expect to see next, and announcing our recent investment in AI platform, Adept, we’re determined to be a champion of responsible innovation in this new AI era.

Below are a handful of our Q1 perspectives on AI—all in one place.

1. AI changes everything. We need new guardrails to survive it. And soon. | Washington Post

Featured: Hemant Taneja & Darren Walker | Read the full op-ed here

2. A Manifesto for Responsible AI: The Collaborative Mindset, Forethought, and Tools We Need to Create Trustworthy AI | General Catalyst

Featured: Chris Kauffman, Ragavan Srinivasan, Carin Watson, & Alex Momeni Read the full piece here

3. AI Can Actually Make the Workplace More Human | General Catalyst

Featured: Quentin ClarkLexi Reese | Read the full piece here

4. The Four Developments Propelling AI Forward: A Conversation With General Catalyst’s Deep Nishar | Crunchbase

Featured: Deep Nishar | Read the full piece here

5. The Role of AI in 2023 | Bloomberg

Featured: Niko Bonatsos Watch the interview here

6. A.I. Needs Radical Collaboration to Stop Unintended Consequences | CNBC

Featured: Hemant Taneja | Watch the interview here

7. Adept Raises $350 Million To Build AI That Learns How To Use Software For You | Forbes

Featured: AdeptDeep NisharRead the full piece hereWhy We Invested here

8. A New Area of A.I. Booms, Even Amid the Tech Gloom | The New York Times

Featured: Niko BonatsosRead the full piece here

9. Jigso is Building an AI assistant to Surface the Data Employees Need Automatically | TechCrunch

Featured: Jigso | Read the full piece here