Modernizing a Venture Brand

April 1, 2019
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Here at GC, we’ve aimed to develop a brand that captures the essence of who we are: a group of ambitious, intellectually curious folks who spend a lot of time thinking about the possibilities that are outside the box.

We’ve been investing for almost 20 years and agreed it was time to take a fresh look at how we represented ourselves to the outside world. The question became, how could we best convey that we sit at the cutting edge of all things new but also have a fair reverence for the past.

We spitballed our way through design-thinking sessions and administered some enlightening Rorschach tests across the firm. With the results in, we decided to pay homage to one of the biggest drivers of innovation in the modern age: the desire to share, discover and enjoy funny cat videos. Since the beginning of time (or, circa 1993 when the browser was invented), cat videos have been watched by billions of people around the globe.

The desire to watch vast quantities of high-quality cat videos has led to advancements in video hardware, faster internet transmission speeds, the advent of the video-capable smartphone and so much more.

So with a nod to a true catalyst of innovation, the new, the bold, General Cat-a-List!