A Strategic, Collaborative Finance Platform
January 14, 2021
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The CFO position is the most strategic role in a growing company’s C-suite.

Reaching far beyond P&L ledgers and quarterly reporting, modern CFOs and the finance teams behind them use rich data streams, often from dozens of sources, to help inform actions and decisions affecting nearly every function of a business. A modern finance organization is expected to understand and weigh in on sales efficiency, product marketing, performance analytics, human resources allocation, and of course, financials.

The good news, there’s plenty of data available to create robust modeling of future states. The challenge? Getting from data to decision. Finance teams spend significant effort architecting systems and maintaining workflows to ingest and normalize their data streams into something useful for modeling, forecasting, and reporting. As SaaS-related APIs proliferate and data volume increases, the ratio of tactical to strategic work will only grow less favorable.

It’s not often that you hear the word empathy used to describe the core of a financial software solution. For Mosaic, we believe it’s a more than apt descriptor.

(l to r) Bijan Moallemi, Joe Garafalo, and Brian Campbell, founding team at Mosaic

Founded by Bijan Moallemi, Joe Garafalo, and Brian Campbell, Mosaic addresses a finance team’s challenges while unlocking their significant strategic potential. Bij, Joe, and Brian were intrinsically involved in building out the initial finance function at Palantir. While that company was in its hyper-growth phase, they were tasked with scaling their team’s capabilities without adding headcount. To manage that herculean task, they focused on building automation and collaboration tools that were adopted by hundreds of users across the company. These tools allowed an FP&A team of fewer than ten people to fully support the business as it grew to more than 2,000 people and over $700M in revenue.

After leaving Palantir, Bij, Joe, and Brian each went on to senior finance roles at fast-growing Series B companies where, unsurprisingly, they experienced the same problems they had at Palantir — scaling teams, myriad data sources, and an increasing number of internal customers looking for access and analytics support.

The trio reunited in 2019 to build and commercialize a next-gen finance platform that has the potential to give finance leads the same leverage their sales, marketing, and product management peers already enjoy. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve led an $18.5 million Series A investment in the company.

The Technology
Mosaic is a platform that integrates data from key business systems (Billing, ERP, CRM, HRIS) into a single source of truth that can act as the compass for business leaders. By abstracting away complex data integration problems, Mosaic transforms what could be months-long implementation processes into a one-click-to-model experience. And it’s been built with a collaboration-first mindset that lets functional teams get deeply involved in the planning, modeling, and creation process of company-level plans.

This is a platform that has the potential to give any FP&A team the ability to exponentially scale their services, creating significant value across the greater organization.

Our Investment
At GC, we back companies and ideas but ultimately we invest in building enduring relationships with founders. We were struck by so many of the Mosaic team’s attributes — their experience, their focus on and understanding of a real business challenge, and their technical prowess. But what we’ve appreciated just as much is that the founding team has been best friends since they met in 2012. There’s a remarkable authenticity to this team and we are thrilled to have them join the GC family.

— Trevor, Pranav & Team GC