OGSystems joins forces with Parsons

January 8, 2019
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Parsons today announced that it has acquired GC-portfolio company OGSystems. We couldn’t be more proud of founders Garrett Pagon and Omar Balkissoon and the entire OGSystems team and their accomplishments in the incredibly technical and nuanced geospatial intelligence solutions space.

GC invests in founders who are working to solve the biggest challenges facing modern society and national security certainly qualifies. When we first met Garrett and Omar, we were struck by their shared sense of patriotism and belief that building better tools for geo-data collection and analysis could make the world a safer place for us all. We invested in the team in 2014 and GC XIR (executive-in-residence) Tad Elmer (former CEO of BBN Technologies) joined the company’s board.

Following our investment, Garrett continued to build out a world-class team while we provided strategic focus and go-to-market strategy. With a culture where “the best idea wins” and risk-taking and creative engineering are nurtured, the team created solutions for customers with near-intractable challenges. Among other services, the company’s unique tech-enabled platform that pulled together geospatial intelligence data, big data, inside counterintelligence data for analysis, the company gained significant government and intelligence customers which propelled them to well beyond $100M in annual revenue.

Today’s news of OGSystems joining Parsons, a global and venerable player in the defense, security, and infrastructure markets is exciting. We’re looking forward to seeing what Garrett, Omar, and the entire OGSystems team will accomplish next. As always, we are convinced that the best is yet to come!

— David Orfao & the GC Team