Health Assurance


Expanding Access to Health and Wellbeing
March 3, 2021
min read

Oscar is on a mission to make a healthier life accessible and affordable for all. From their start eight years ago, Mario, Josh and the Oscar team have worked hard to create a human-centric platform to remove some of the many barriers inherent in America’s fee-for-service healthcare system. It’s been a thrill to watch them grow to where they are today: delivering on that mission for more than half a million people across the United States.

We think of Oscar as part of a new breed of health assurance companies that are committed to using data, technology, and empathetic user design to deliver more personalized experiences, bend the cost curve of care, and ultimately help us stay well. These technology companies are focused on collaborating with healthcare, not disrupting it. A key differentiator that we’ve long admired with Oscar is that from the very start, they’ve built their team to include engineers, actuaries, and data scientists who work with and alongside doctors and nurses.

GC, initially introduced to Oscar through our friends at Thrive Capital, had the opportunity to invest in the company’s earliest rounds. We’ve worked closely with the company and like to think we’ve been one of their biggest champions. The team has grit and understood from the start that being a startup health insurer was not going to be easy. What they’ve built in one of biggest yet most complex, challenging industries, is nothing short of phenomenal.

It’s been said before but an IPO is truly but a moment in time. It’s a milestone that the team should pause to celebrate with an eye on the future, for the journey does not stop here.

Congratulations, Oscar, the best is yet to come!

— Joel Cutler and Team GC