Our Investment in Disclo

Creating a More Inclusive Workforce
February 2, 2023
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Today, employees struggle to receive the accommodations they need to do their jobs. While many companies have the best of intentions, executives can be forced to use antiquated processes to comply with legal requirements. The CDC estimates that 60 percent of American adults have a chronic health condition or disability, and yet the fear and stigma of the disclosure process results in a paltry 3.2 percent disclosure rate among United States employees. Hannah Olson founded Disclo after her personal experience navigating the convoluted disability disclosure process, and today we’re excited to announce we’re leading her and her co-founder Kai Keane’s $5M seed round.

Creating A More Inclusive Workplace with Disclo

Prior to launching Disclo, Hannah and Kai founded Chronically Capable, one of the largest and most widely used disability recruiting platforms in the world. Chronically Capable became Disclo when Hannah and Kai had a simple realization: employers aren’t best-suited to determine the legitimacy of a disability request. By anonymizing health conditions – and verifying them directly with physicians – Disclo helps employees receive the support they need in a safe and compliant way for employers.

Customers like Kraft Heinz love Disclo, not just for reducing their liability, but also for the workflow enhancements it offers. Disclo helps companies grow from viewing disability accommodations through the lens of insurance claims to understanding that accommodations impact the totality of how an employee works. Requests like service animals, closed captions, or even rescheduling work often require a conversation with a manager – one that Disclo is uniquely able to facilitate. Disclo’s HIPAA and SOC2-compliant platform makes it seamless for companies to collect data, verify requests, manage cases in a portal, and get insights on company-wide disclosure and accommodation metrics, including real-time costs. 

Most importantly, Disclo empowers employees to confidentiality disclose any disability or accommodation needs. Before Disclo, these requests often included an uncomfortable conversation with a manager ill-trained to assess health needs. Employees use Disclo to receive necessary accommodations across a spectrum of underlying conditions – all anonymously. By relieving this burden on employees, Disclo can enable them to succeed in their careers.

Building The Future of the Human Enterprise

As our colleagues Quentin Clark and Lexi Reese wrote, we truly believe in transforming every enterprise into a ‘human enterprise’. This means ensuring that employees are empowered and companies have the tools to retain their workforce. Equipped with Disclo, we believe companies are better positioned to create inclusive workplaces and avoid the risk of discrimination lawsuits. We couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with Disclo, as they enable better outcomes for employees, employers, and all stakeholders in the human enterprise.