Paul Kwan Joins General Catalyst as Managing Director

April 15, 2021
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Today, we announced that Paul Kwan, the former head of west coast tech banking at Morgan Stanley, has joined General Catalyst as a managing director focused on identifying, building, and investing in enduring businesses in both the private and public markets.

For 25 years, Paul has partnered with category-defining tech companies to understand their strategic business objectives and ensure they have access to the capital required to meet those critical milestones. During his time at Morgan Stanley, he led IPOs and M&A for leading technology companies globally and helped create the modern day direct listing. Most recently, together with Morgan Stanley and GC, he created the first Stakeholder Aligned Initial Listing (SAlL™), the first SPAC structure in the market that aligns financial outcomes with the interests of all stakeholders. Paul has worked with a number of GC-backed companies during his tenure at Morgan Stanley, including representing Livongo in its $18.5 billion merger with Teladoc Health, the largest in digital health history to-date.

“Paul has built a strong reputation as the partner for stand-out tech companies looking to make a lasting impact”, said Hemant Taneja, managing partner, General Catalyst. “He’s adept at understanding the needs of those companies, collaborating with them to market themselves, and identify and acquire the strategic capital to lead in their respective sectors. That level of talent and instinct is invaluable to our portfolio companies as they navigate growth in both the private and public markets.”

Paul is well known and respected among founders and investors alike. At GC, he will focus on  supporting and investing in software and internet companies, as well as digital Health Assurance companies both in the U.S. and abroad.

“I’m thrilled to join GC as they continue their evolution to a full-stack venture model”, said Paul Kwan. “Their commitment to supporting founders at every stage of the company building process while also making an impact on society is inspiring. In today’s world of digital transformation, companies are getting bigger faster. I’m excited to partner with GC portfolio companies and help guide them as they scale into and through the private and public markets responsibly and purposefully on their journey to becoming enduring businesses.”