Delivering Application Experience Across Multi-Cloud
April 6, 2021
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Responsive, secure, and universally available software is critical to the digital transformation so many companies are going through today. Furthermore, companies are going cloud first to scale these applications and to quickly develop and deliver them to their employees and customers.

While there has been a lot of focus on application modernization techniques (e.g. microservices and open-source technologies), there has been less on operationalizing them at a truly global scale. And while newer, born-in-the-cloud companies have fully adopted cloud-native capabilities, most enterprises do not have that luxury. They have one leg in the legacy world and one leg in the modern world, struggling to satisfy the demands of each. Throw in a desire to make these applications portable across clouds, and you have quite a big challenge to confront.

COVID has made this even more of a challenge. We have seen companies from all verticals struggling to meet the application scale and security challenges of work-at-home employees, partners and customers. Additionally, they must deliver this application experience to these users anywhere in the world where they may be. Achieving this desired outcome and meeting the requirements of a new ephemeral, cloud-native/multi-cloud world requires a new approach to infrastructure.

I was drawn to the Prosimo team because of their unique approach to solving these challenges. They come from a variety of backgrounds but have all worked on distributed application platforms and enterprise-level quality and security. This team shared a passion to build a cloud-native solution for both existing and new applications, one that provides a link between the old world and this new, container- and microservice-centric world. It is both their experience and their creativity that will help companies deliver delightful application experiences from their choice of cloud platforms.

I am proud that General Catalyst led Prosimo’s $25M Series A round, and I look forward to the success of our customers.