Responsible Innovation

Racial and Social Justice

February 4, 2021
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We believe our mission — to invest in powerful, positive change that endures — begins with each of us. We also believe that for companies to endure, they must continue to innovate and align with the long-term interests of society, and that includes reflecting the diversity and talent of the people that comprise it.

The GC team embraces our responsibility to create a sense of belonging for all races, genders, and backgrounds across our industry, while bearing in mind that as a firm, we must create greater access — to capital, to the critical resources that transform an idea into a sustainable business, and to mentorship which plays an important role in understanding and creating transparency around the capital-raising process itself. To that end, GC is developing and implementing a plan with sustainable actions and outcomes to combat racism, promote diversity, and create greater access, inclusion, and equal opportunity at our firm, our portfolio companies, and in our industry. Below are the initial commitments we are making as part of a broader plan.